32 1/4″ Medicine Cabinet – Truva White

Truva 32 1/4″ white medicine cabinet With mirrored surfaces inside and outside, this 24-inch frameless medicine cabinet helps you put your best face forward. The mirror on the front door features a beveled edge for enhanced style. Inside, adjustable MDF shelves easily accommodate your toiletries. The cabinet is assembled and ready for installation and this feature make it convenient in setup to a large extent for you, our customers. It has soft-closing doors which has automatic stop and this detail prevents your vanity from being damaged. Also, doors of the vanity has 1/2″ bevelled frameless mirrors which looks very stylish and modern. No doubt that , as always, it is used the most quality materials in production for more outlasting endurance. As a construction material, MDF(medium-density fiberboard) is used. MDF provides longer durability and submit more quality. In terms of usability two adjustable MDF shelf is added. To this shelf, you can put what is needed in one bathroom like perfumes, shaving stuff, cosmetics and many more. Its overall dimensions are 28″ H x 32 1/4″ W x 7″ D. The cabinet comes with two color shades. Walnut and white. White, a color of pureness and cleanliness. Walnut, one of the classic color that fits very well with your bathroom and its style.

  • Soft closing doors.
  • 1/2″ beveled frameless mirrored door
  • Construction Material: MDF and bevelled mirrored glass
  • Two adjustable MDF shelves
  • Overall
  • Dimensions:
  • 28″ H x 32″ W x 7″ D
  • Finish / color of product WALNUT WHITE
Medicine Cabinet Weight 32 1/4″
Medicine Cabinet Height 24″
Medicine Cabinet Depth 6″
Medicine Cabinet Color White
Medicine Cabinet Material Eco Friendly Mdf
Medicine Cabinet Operation Adjustable Shelves
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